A few weeks ago I was listening to the Spectator Book podcast (now and then I find an episode that interests me, other times, I delete after two minutes), the episode with Nicci Gerrard and she was talking about her new book- What Dementia Teaches Us About Love.

This episode resonated with me as my dad had recently been diagnosed with Dementia. A year after diagnosis, my family and I are still adjusting to the changes and the impact on my dad and my mom, who is his primary caregiver.

Most of what Ms Gerrard talks about were issues that have become a part of our life as a family. It only made sense that I would swiftly add this to my Amazon basket.

Now and then, one can’t help wondering about the state of our world. Without being too political, I have often wondered how seemingly intelligent people in government and politics end up making poor decisions? Is there a pattern to it? I sought a book that attempts to answer such questions or at least discuss the observation. I found The Intelligence Trap and added it to the basket.

There has been a lot of positive reviews about Normal People. It was difficult to avoid. I found a massive discount for it last month and gladly added it to the basket too.

You know how you go shopping for a pair of shoes then find a few more that you like and try to convince yourself to buy those too? That is exactly how Dodgers and MoneyLand ended up in the basket and subsequently on my bookshelf.

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