The cross; a despicable and shame-filled symbol has been transformed to a symbol of victory according to a historical figure who he and his followers say is God. The cross itself stands at the centre of the Christian message, the Christian story and the Christian life.

In this book, foremost theologian Tom Wright in his usual exhaustive manner rethinks what the cross means for the Christian faith. In doing that, he goes back to Exodus and navigates to the night of Christ’s crucifixion, examining what it meant to his followers in the first century in a bid to define what it should mean to us today.

In this exhaustive and extensive journey but supposedly lay journey, Tom Wright denounces the popular notion that Jesus crucifixion was a pathway to simply save us from our sins and send us on our way to heaven while appeasing a bloodthirsty God. Instead with scriptures as a backdrop, he repositions the meaning of the cross to mean forgiveness of sins that allows created humans to reclaim the mandate (from the dark forces that were dethroned on the cross) given by the creator to be worshippers and partakers in enthroning God’s kingdom on earth.

I found the book to be a bit too heavy despite its layman disposition. It is a book I will surely return to in the years to come as Tom Wright’s expositions resonate with me and make me think out of my comfort zone.

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