In 1966, Peter Enahoro wrote a satirical booklet that briefly explored the psyche of the average Nigerian. The insights are humourous and incisive.   There has been a lot of comparison with Be(com)ing Nigerian by Elnathan John. Since I have not read the latter, I am unable to confirm but I expect that it is an improvement on a former which was written over half a century ago. How To Be A Nigerian is also a slimmer volume.

In the midst of the laughs and chuckles in How To Be A Nigerian, what remains profound and sad in equal measure is how well it analysis the average Nigerian, none of the idiosyncrasies and excesses of the Nigerian psyche highlighted by Peter Enahoro has changed. If anything, it has only gotten further entrenched. The observations in this book are astute although not as funny as often claimed. In all, it is an interesting read.


How to be a Nigerian1

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