What I read (2020 edition)



The prevailing view around the world is that our world is an awful place and that it is getting worse each passing day. The premise of this book is that while the world is bad, that there is steady progress in almost every imaginable index. In summary, it is getting better.

4. Mr. Loverman

This impressive sixth novel of the current Booker prize winner Bernadine Evaristo is a family tale of secrets, deception and new beginnings. At the centre of it all is the 74-year-old dandy, Barrington (Barry) Jedidiah Walker, and the crux of the book is his secret love relationship with Morris his childhood friend.


In recent times I have often wondered how certain items evolved into their current status in the food chain. Items like beef, bread and even beer. What aided their popularity, production and even by-products? The more beef I eat, the more curious I am of how this ubiquitous food item has shaped the world and altered culinary tastes. This curiosity led me to BEEF; The Untold Story of How Milk Meat and Muscle shaped the World.

2. The Ones with Purpose

This was a quick read and that is down to how well written The Ones with Purpose is. The prose is simple, the grammar is clean and uncomplicated. However, the themes that the book covers are anything but simple and uncomplicated. Anele, the protagonist, explores her family dynamics using Fikile’s (her elder sister) demise through breast cancer as a fulcrum. Fikile’s illness and subsequent death is the backdrop with which Anele explores her family and its failings.