In my view, our love for particular books is rarely objective. Our affinity to certain books like songs is usually subject to the emotions they evoke. These emotions could be merely based on our familiarity or close ties with the content or location of the work. There are few works of fiction set in Port Harcourt city.

There was one that was published a few years ago to huge fanfare and rave reviews from established literary figures; I found it hugely deflating. This explains the major reason why I love Tomorrow Died Yesterday. It was a well-told story set in the city where I grew up. The nostalgia was cathartic. Additionally, it is a very well-told story.

All of these explains why when I walked into Terra Kulture weeks back and saw copies of the newly released print of the book, I quickly remembered that the copy I own is almost ten years old and a new copy would not be a bad idea. I quickly grabbed a copy, and I should give out the old copy soon.

I had seen a few too many reviews of The Gold Diggers, and while I had successfully ignored it long enough, I needed a fix for my African fiction addiction, so found myself at the Exclusive Books home page weeks ago and proceeded to do the needful. Why buy one when you can buy two and reduce the cost of delivery?

After so much contemplation, I narrowed my options and chose Rotten Row. I am not big on short stories collections, but I had heard good things about this collection, and I think it is a worthy addition to my haul.

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