Another year, another N.T. Wright book! Evil and the Justice of God is the latest installation of Tom Wright’s thoughtful works that I have randomly picked in my reading lists. Evil is an almost eternal topic that has occupied philosophical thoughts for all time. Its source, where it is headed and how it (evil) will end, if it is not endless. The oddity about Evil and the Justice of God is that the author has chosen not to address the source of evil (he argues that there is no satisfactory answer). Rather he focuses on the future of evil – where a world full of evil is headed and what pivotal role the cross plays in the destruction of evil.

Evil and the Justice of God does not satisfy the philosophical questions and arguments about evil. What it does and does well is espouse the problem of evil through an explanation of inaugurated eschatology. This book argues that God’s way of judging evil is hinted at on the cross and in Jesus’ resurrection and that it is made fully manifest when his kingdom is fully inaugurated in a new heaven and a new earth. N.T. Wright argues that God is not oblivious or unconcerned about the evil in our world and that while we may be bugged down by the pain that evil currently wrecks in our world, we should look at the big picture of God’s solution to the problem to the problem of evil and see how God is working out a future where evil is fully crushed.

3.5/5 Evil and the Justice of God 2

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