I recently saw this tag on two blogs while just lazily checking a few book blogs. Do you know that lazy surfing where you go from one blog you know, follow embedded links and end up at blogs you had no idea existed? I found this tag on one of those sorts of days. I can’t even remember seeing it on Twitter, which is understandable as my orbit there is pretty small. Anyway, I enjoyed reading the tag on both blogs and decided I was going to do it when next I was bored. Today is that day.

The Last Book I Gave Up On

I rarely give up on books. Not because I believe in finishing anything I start (I have too many unfinished projects to claim such an accolade) but because I am very circumspect about the books I buy. I rarely get it wrong. However, unfinished books happen every now and again. The last book I gave up on is The Depositions. It is a book I looked forward to for so long and when I finally got around to it, it was a major disappointment. I am sure it is a good book but it just did not work for me. I do not believe that there is anyone book that must be universally loved. Reading a book is an experience that can not be replicated. You read a book thrice and come away with a unique pleasure on each occasion. It is even more unique when the reading experience is of different individuals. There are classics and critically-acclaimed titles that I will not even touch much less go past the first chapter.

The Depositions

The Last Book I Re-Read

Last year I finished my chosen TBR list a month early, so I had to decide either to pick new books off the shelf or make a random list of half a dozen books I had always wanted to re-read. There were over a dozen candidates for this list but I knew I could only finish 6 of them before the end of the year and had to whittle it down randomly. The last one I read out of that list was The Confidence Game.

The Confidence Game

The Last Book I Bought

This one is tricky as I just completed an order by paying for the content of my Amazon cart mins ago. However, I will go with the last book I bought that has been delivered into my hands – Exciting Times was delivered earlier this afternoon.

Exciting Times

The Last Book I said I Read But Didn’t

I don’t have any such book. I am never pressured to read anything I don’t want to read. I don’t belong to a book club, do not swap books and do this book thing completely solo. I don’t even have an audience to impress. Zero pressure to say I read what I did not.

The Last Book I wrote In The Margins

This is actually a criminal offence in my world. I never write in books and detest it a great deal. I actually was livid when I found out a used book I bought had highlighting and notes in the margins. Instead of notes and highlights, what I do is this – I take pictures of paragraphs and sentences that resonate with me and upload them to a folder on my system called Book Excerpts.

The Last Book I Had Signed

The author of A Broken People’s Playlist was kind enough to send me a signed copy of his book. A very thoughtful act from one Port Harcourt boy to another. The icing on the cake is that it is an excellent collection of short stories.

A Broken People's Playlist

The Last Book I Lost

I rarely lose books because I almost never give out books. I’ll rather buy you a copy of the book if you are close enough or if I feel touched by your pleas. However, I saw a gap in my bookshelf days ago. That section is filled, so it seems someone took a book out. It is hard to know which it is with almost 600 books on the shelf. I often take pics of my bookshelf but I had rearranged it since the last pics in the gallery, so the pics did not help and I am still clueless. The bookshelf is in my visitor’s room – therein lies my dilemma.

The Last Book I had To Replace

This one too has some technicality attached to it. I just ordered a new copy of Chimamanda Adiche’s Half of A Yellow Sun earlier today. Since it has not shipped, much less arrived, can I consider it replaced? The copy I currently own is worn out and looking tacky and I felt like replacing it. Discounting that and considering books that have been replaced, I gave out my copy of No Sweetness Here And Other Stories. The original had markings and highlights (it was a used copy).

No Sweetness Here

The Last Book I Argued Over

I am not sure I have ever argued about a book with anyone. I see views on Twitter that are contrary to that which I hold on books I have read but I rarely engage in such as I am too lazy to follow such arguments through to a logical conclusion. In real life, no chance for such.

The Last Book I Couldn’t Find

Same response as The Last Book I Argued Over.

So, that is a wrap. Cheers!

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