19. King Leopold’s Ghost

King Leopold of Belgium might have started his rapacious pillage of the area that is today known as the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1885 but was not until 1897/1898 that the central character in the resistance of Leopold’s evil regime had his eureka moment. Standing on the dock of the port at Antwerp in Belgium;

17. Bad Science

Bad Science is such a timely book that I am sure to return to it again in the coming months. It was published in 2008 and its content is more relevant today than ever before. It is a shakedown of the bad science that is perpetuated by pseudoscience that envelopes alternative medicine, nutritionists and even anti-vaxxers.


The sub-genre term – multigenerational epic, is a bit of a huge weight to hang on any book, much less a debut book of any writer but Kintu earns that description and delivers the expectation that the term carries, to a large extent. In 5 broad sections (Books 1 to 5), Kintu explores the ancestry and story of the Ganda people in Buganda kingdom (modern Uganda).

14. How Music Got Free

It was not always like this. A world where a device (phone, tablet or laptop) could hold a thousand songs effortlessly and even stream millions more at the click of a button is a recent novelty. This novelty is what is chronicled in this exquisitely written work of non-fiction. How Music Got Free is an excellent book that weaves through sound compression technology,

13. No Place To Call Home

If a home is where the heart is, the person whose heart is not settled has nowhere to call home. No Place To Call Home is an acute observation of the otherness that the average migrant experiences. An observation of loss, love, belonging and hope. The themes are many but the observations are vivid and valid.