39. PAUL – A Biography

At the core of it, the story is basically the history of a Jewish man (a hyperactive and talkative one) who was not much to look at, who went about from town to town proclaiming the arrival of a new kingdom intertwined with the embodiment and fulfilment of an ancient promise in the person of a certain Jesus. Irrespective of our liking or dislike of him, agreement or disagreement with his theology or even his belief system, it is indisputable that the man Paul of Tarsus is one of a handful of people from the ancient world whose words still have the capacity to leap off the page and confront us almost two thousand years later.

37. Bitter Fruit

Rape, incest and Murder. These three awful themes are covered in this Achmat Dangor’s novel – Bitter Fruit. The fruit is bitter but in eating it we experience the awfulness of the lives of its characters. Bitter Fruit is set during the last few months of Nelson Mandela’s government and centres around Silas Ali, an ANC stalwart currently a Justice Ministry staff seconded to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC). Silas who is the son of an Indian Muslim father and a European mother is married to Lydia, a Coloured nurse who was born and bred in the Kwa Zulu Natal province. Together they have a delicately handsome son called Mikey, who is troubled and somewhat oedipal.

36. Ad & Wal

Adelaine (Ad) Hain died at the age of ninety-two earlier this year. Walter (Wal) her husband had died three years earlier at the age of ninety-one. Ad and Wal is an impressive memoir that chronicles the lives and times of this ordinary couple that did extraordinary things.

Noir related

I recently finished reading Lagos Noir and in the middle of it, I decided to look up the history of the Noir series. With over 90 titles all named after different cities of the world, I was keen to see which other titles would attract my attention. I wanted to choose the London one but the stories seemed set in the London of the 70s. I wanted something more recent from a city I was familiar with. I finally settled for Sydney Noir. It is nowhere near my favourite city as I do not have particularly fond memories but the reviews seemed very good, so I went for this.

34. Lagos Noir

The Noir short-story collection series landed in Lagos last year! The series which began with the Brooklyn Noir collection and has over 90 titles all named and set in major cities around the world now has a collection set in Lagos and written by some of the favourite Nigerian writers.

Late Deprature

There are fewer things that give me joy than attending jazz gigs at night away from home while also lazying in hotel rooms all day and popping into bookshops to pick up random books when I manage to get out of the hotel room. Away in Johanessburg, I had one of such weeks while attending the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival.