About four months ago, I was listening to a 702 literary talk show while navigating my way home in the Lagos traffic, and I heard Zukiswa Wanner reviewing some African fiction she had recently read. I was fascinated by the review of Sulaiman Adonia’s book.

I did a quick check and found out that his first novel – The Consequences of Love, was more to my liking, and I added it to my Amazon basket.

The basket was relatively full as I had added a few other items over a month. Amazon and the resellers were unwilling to deliver some of the items to Lagos, so I was forced to activate plan B; use one of the overseas addresses I use for book shopping and asking the addressee to hold the items upon delivery until I can make a plan to collect them. The hustle is real!!

Earlier this year, I participated briefly in a discussion where some South Africans were extolling the works of Lewis Nkosi. He had been a journalist in the heydays of Drum magazine during apartheid and was a central character in a book I had read and enjoyed years back (A Good-looking Corpse: The World of Drum – Jazz and Gangsters, Hope and Defiance in the Townships of South Africa).

My major takeaway of the twitter conversation was some knowledgeable recommendations of some of Lewis Nkosi’s fictional works. After much search, I could only find one online – Mating Birds.

I was only able to pick up the haul weeks ago and unto the next one 🙂

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